The Non-Anxious Pastor: becoming a person at peace in a world at war

Pastors suffer a variety of anxiety by trying to make sense of this pestilence while pastoring a political pickle.

As a result, the pastors who stick it out are tempted to chase greatness by becoming motivational speakers who carry the world’s weight on their shoulders. We are learning this only leads to more anxiety, pain, and sin.

Instead, this pivotal moment calls for pastors to choose goodness by becoming maturational leaders who care for the world by creating apprentices of Jesus who are intentionally engaged in spiritual formation for the sake of the world.

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The Pastor’s Predicament

  • Chapter 1: Timid, Livid, Rigid
  • Chapter 2: Left, Right, Wrong
  • Chapter 3: Time, Chance, Death

The Pastor’s Identity

  • Chapter 4: Greatness or Goodness
  • Chapter 5: Carry or Care
  • Chapter 6: Motivational or Maturational

The Pastor’s Formation

  • Chapter 7: Digital Way of Life
  • Chapter 8: Devotional Way of Life
  • Chapter 9: Dinner Way of Life

Become a Person at Peace in a World at War