A simple playbook to connect your community to your church.

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Make a video just like this one ☝️

The “Plan Your Visit Playbook” is a comprehensive guide designed to assist churches in creating engaging 3-minute videos to encourage attendance to their Sunday morning services.

This will help you:

  • Increase Sunday morning attendance, even if your church has a limited online presence
  • Remove people’s anxiety that keep them from checking you out
  • Effectively convert social media followers into active attendees

You’ll learn to:

  • Crafting impactful videos that spotlight the culture of your church
  • Reaching potential attendees who have yet to connect with your church on social media
  • Use whatever gear you already own to make a great video
  • Use effective ads to increase first-time visitors to your church

How I drew up this playbook

The strategies outlined in the “Plan Your Visit Playbook” are rooted in my own personal experience of being a church planter. I have made over 6 “Plan Your Visit” videos and I learn something new every time. This playbook has blessed our own community, resulting in increased Sunday attendance, strengthened social media engagement, and a boost of confidence for our members to invite their neighbors and friends. With a track record of success, I have harnessed this experience to create a playbook filled with practical examples, actionable strategies, and proven techniques.

Short clips from the course

Why Brady Shearer Thinks Everyone Should Make a Plan Your Visit Video

💵 Pay What's Fair

This playbook encompasses a 30-minute video workshop where we outline tried-and-true techniques for crafting compelling videos that draw people to overcome their anxiety and step foot into your church doors.

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